About Us

The person(s) behind MichiganSkier.com is (yours truly) -- Jim Neff (with a significant assist from my wife, Ann). I served as Editor of Great Lakes Skier for all of its 17 years. GLS was Michigan's only ski publication during that entire stint. I've written for SKI, Snow Country, Skiing Heritage, the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News, the Chicago Tribune, the Cadillac News, and a host of other publications and websites. I'm a past member of the North American Snowsports Journalists Association.

In 1997, it became apparent to me, and to my partners at Great Lakes Sports Publications, Inc., that the life-cycle of GLS was at an end. Readers loved us, the ski industry patted us on the back for promoting skiing, but the advertising dollars necessary for our survival just were not there. Sure, we could work our tails off year-round and maybe break even, but that was not an option I wanted to contemplate. So, we decided to pull the plug while we had no debts. 
So, MichiganSkier.com was born. After 35 years, we are still the most trusted source of ski news in Michigan. 

We do allow some limited advertising on the site to pay for some of the expenses, that's all. We don't actively solicit ads, but we do accept them. Ski news always comes first.

Advertise on Michigan Skier

We do not solicit advertising, but we do accept it. Your business can sponsor a page or feature on Michigan Skier. That said, this is the lowest key ad campaign we could possibly design: no solicitations, no phone calls from sales people, and no pressure whatsoever. If you want to advertise, send e-mail to us and we'll get back to you.

  • Sponsor a page (your banner at the top of the page or an ad on the page with linkage to your website): $150.
  • Sponsor a feature on a page (your logo with linkage to your website): $100.
  • Have a text ad placed on any of our pages: $50.

  Your ad/sponsorship runs one calendar year. Change your ad throughout the course of that year for $20 per change. First come, first served...no muss/no fuss.